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Tetet Nera-Lauron, Co-Chair of CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness, welcomed the participants and opened the event by paying respect to the 7th death anniversary of Medardo Roda, fondly called ‘Ka Roda’, a landless peasant, taxi and jeepney driver, and freedom fighter who was jailed on charges of rebellion against the Marcos dictatorship. Nera-Lauron shared how Ka Roda worked tirelessly for a truly progressive, democratic, and free society through organizing and leading struggles against foreign monopoly control of the Philippine oil industry and government collusion with industrial giants. She then related that like Ka Roda, it is in civil society’s DNA to expose and oppose what is wrong in society, and to propose alternatives that work for the betterment of people and planet through powerful tools – arousing,
organizing, mobilizing – for change.

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