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A Framework for Improving and Assessing CSO Development Effectiveness In June 2011, 240 civil society organization (CSOs) representatives from more than 70 countries met in Siem Reap, Cambodia, to launch the Siem Reap Consensus on a Framework for CSO
Development Effectiveness1. CSO endorsement of this Framework signifies the first-ever global civil society consensus on a set of standards that should govern CSO development work around the globe.2

This consensus is formed around eight Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness3, the outcome of a three-year CSO-led process in the lead-up to Busan, involving more than 3500 CSOs in country, regional and sectoral consultations across the world. The Istanbul Principles are a statement of common values and approaches to guide CSO work, with adaptability to highly diverse and different country context and CSO approaches. They have universal application to CSO roles and practices in both peaceful and conflict situations, in
different areas of work from grassroots to policy advocacy, and along a continuum from humanitarian emergencies to long-term development. They are a vision for development and a foundation for CSOs to reflect upon, evaluate, and continuously improve, their development effectiveness and practice. Given the many thousands of CSOs around the world engaged in development, with very different capacities and varied contexts, initiatives to implement the Principles will reflect these diverse realities

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