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The CSO Partnership on Development Effectiveness (CPDE)1 unites with civil society organisations (CSOs) in the region in putting forward the people’s agenda on the 3rd Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD).2 Civil society calls out the gaps of the 2030 agenda, highlighting persisting consequences of increased militarism and continued marginalisation of women in the region. To effectively implement this new sustainable development agenda, reaching out to the furthest behind with primacy, civil society demands that spaces for participation are ensured and that transparency in processes and accountability of all parties involved are guaranteed in all aspects of this global endeavor.

Insufficient gains in a decision not to decide CPDE welcomes the reaffirmation of some Member States over the value of the APFSD as an important platform for learning and follow-up of the SDG implementation. This, however, is insufficient. Indecisiveness and diverging views among Member States caused a gridlock that ruled the Forum. Instead of coming up with a roadmap that will pave the way for a regional effort to supplement to the 2030 agenda process, the discussion regressed into debates over the APFSD’s value as a forum. CPDE reaffirms that the APFSD is not simply a forum for follow-up and review. Its niche is derived from its capability to reflect the regional context and priorities, and more importantly, people’s aspirations to the 2030 agenda. In order for a regional process such as the APFSD to be in synergy with the global process, the bar needs to be set higher

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