CPDE Statement ahead of the 10th GPEDC Steering Committee


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On meeting objective 1: Agreement on critical elements and next steps for a draft renewed mandate and a revised
monitoring framework
a) Preserve the integrity of GPEDC’s mandate, in particular its accountability function. An enhanced GPEDC knowledge sharing role should not be supported at the expense of its ultimate purpose: accountability for the commitments made over the years to improve development co-operation.
b) Revise GPEDC’s governance structure to include a non-executive Co-Chair.
c) Support the advice and recommendations from the Monitoring Advisory Group (MAG). CPDE wishes to highlight the essential role of external evaluations in understanding why change happens or does not.
d) Agree on clear a political roadmap to build on the MAG’s technical work, both in the lead up to the second High-Level Meeting (HLM2) and afterwards. CPDE is interested in being part of the proposed working group that would develop an agreed Theory of Change, with support from MAG members.
e) Ensure the preliminary findings from the second monitoring round and the second Progress Report are shared well ahead of time to allow for adequate preparations.
f) Strengthen GPIs’ linkages and contribution to specific GPEDC commitments. GPI champions should lead efforts in showing how their GPIs can accelerate the implementation of core aid and development effectiveness commitments. Criteria for assessing GPI performance should also be refined.

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