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From the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to Agenda 2030, development practices and outcomes have indicated the need to strictly adhere to the principles of aid and development effectiveness. Achieving development and fulfilling the universal commitments towards the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) require the same outlook. In this context, the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC)‟s second High Level Meeting (HLM) in Nairobi, Kenya (28 November – 1 December) will be a timely opportunity to reiterate the key role of effective aid and development that does not exclude anyone. Furthermore, the meeting will be an occasion to assess previous commitments taken on effective development cooperation. However, rather than mere and repetitive reaffirmations, we need strong political will; firm commitment to transparency and inclusive partnership; and effective monitoring mechanisms to transform our world all together, with a focus on results and engaging all development actors, while ensuring country ownership. In this regard, the 2nd HLM should be the opportunity for mutual accountability for the gaps in implementation of commitments on aid and development effectiveness, beginning in Rome (2003), to Paris (2005), Accra (2008), Busan (2011), and including the outcomes of first HLM in Mexico (2014).

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