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An Enabling Environment for Civil Society Organizations


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This Synthesis of Evidence builds upon the many contributions of CSO members of the Working Group on CSO Enabling Environment. We are particularly indebted to Brian Tomlinson of Aid Watch Canada for his tireless work in compiling and producing the final synthesis report. The work was produced in collaboration with the various CPDE members at the country level, who organized and contributed to CSO-led processes in the past several months, bringing together country assessments of current issues in enabling conditions for CSOs. These case studies are annexed to this report.

CPDE country case studies have been complemented by additional country-level evidence collected through independent processes and case studies by several global CSO members of the Working Group (see the Sources section of this Synthesis for a list). As authors of the Synthesis, we are very grateful for their detailed and nuanced analysis. Members of the Working Group have improved the Synthesis as a result of their careful reading, reflecting their particular knowledge and expertise. The Synthesis is a “work-in-progress,” reflecting evidence currently accessible to the Working Group and the author. In the coming months, the Working Group intends to enrich and broaden its country coverage. For CPDE, the Synthesis offers an essential evidence-based reference for multi-stakeholder dialogue within the Global Partnership to deepen its commitment to strengthen inclusive development. This dialogue will also continue to be facilitated by the Multi-Stakeholder Task Team on CSO Development Effectiveness and Enabling Environment.

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