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5th Global Council Meeting Documentation Report


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The profit driven economic growth model of development is failing people now more than ever. The rise of inequalities at all levels – between and within regions, countries and communities, between men and women – shows how the handful few have been directing and benefitting from development. The rise of far-right populism – especially in the North, negatively impacts the current geopolitical and development landscape of the world. Violations of human rights, forced migration, terrorism, and war are becoming more common.

In the context of development co-operation, it is anticipated that Official Development Assistance (ODA) volumes will be drastically impaired by these events. Real ODA performance has already been stagnating since 2005 with only six donors living up to the 0.7% commitment as of 2015.i Many donors have instead begun to look inward, citing their own economic crisis as an excuse to backtrack on their development co-operation commitments.

Many donors have also begun to include their humanitarian, military-aid, and disaster-relief spending as ODA contributions. They have also decided to expand the purpose of ODA to non-poverty reduction objectives. The actual share of real ODA is narrowing and the redefinition of ODA through the Total Official Support for Sustainable Development (TOSSD)ii is gaining more traction.

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