Network for Women’s Rights in Ghana

Our History The Network for Women’s Rights in Ghana (NETRIGHT) is a network of civil society organisations and individuals who have a clear interest in working together to bring a gender perspective into national processes and advocate for policy change to strengthen women’s human rights. NETRIGHT aims to campaign for attitudinal and policy changes to achieve women’s equal rights and to draw attention to violations of women’s rights. It also aims to create spaces for debate, discussion and clearer articulation of different positions within the Ghana women’s movement on women’s rights issues, as well as other national issues. To ensure inclusiveness, NETRIGHT provides a national advocacy platform for civil society organisations around national and international processes and educates the public about gender equality and women’s rights issues. Why NetRight? NETRIGHT was founded in 1999 by a group of individuals and organisations interested in promoting women’s rights in all national processes. It was a response to a number of identified gaps in the approach of civil society organizations working in women’s rights issues. Such gaps included the lack of a collective approach to working on national and regional processes; an under emphasis of the political and power relational issues in the gender and development work; the absence of space for debate and discussion to come to a clear understanding of women’s positions on their rights and other national issues; and the inability to respond to critical issues partly due to lack of effective engagement with national institutions on women and policy making. In response to these gaps the orientation of NETRIGHT is clearly one that emphasizes:

  • a strong human rights perspective
  • the political and power relational issues in the gender and development work
  • the importance of advocacy and mobilisation and therefore aims for the broadest possible representation in our membership
  • a secular approach to our work
  • non-partisanship alliance and/or participation

Our Mission NETRIGHT’s mission is to promote women’s rights in Ghana through the critical analysis of gender dimensions of national processes and policies and advocate for policy change Our Vision To create a society that pays equal attention to the ways in which national processes, policies and practices affect Ghanaian men and women.

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