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Research and Reports

Civil Society Continuing Campaign for Effective Development Year 1 Programme Report



"The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE)’s three-year programme, entitled “Civil Society Continuing Campaign for Effective Development” is a coordinated national-regional-global and sectoral campaign, with organized thematic working, implementing advocacy, policy engagement, and outreach activities focused on: (1) continuous monitoring and advocacy on the Global Aid and Development Effectiveness Agenda, ensuring alignment with the Human Rights-Based approach (HRBA), CSO Key Asks and Busan agreements; (2) promoting an Enabling Environment (EE) for CSOs; and (3) building CSO Development Effectiveness (DE) through the implementation of Istanbul Principles. Every year, a set of activities is being approved by the platform’s Global Council (GC). Activities are being identified based on their alignment to programme objectives and design and their over-all contribution to realizing the platform’s vision and mission. Presented in this report are updates on activities, corresponding outputs and results, challenges faced, and how all these are slowly starting to shape progress in attaining programme objectives."

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