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Research and Reports

Progress in supportive environment for CSO in Honduras

Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (ASONOG):


"Honduras is considered one of the most violent nations in the world, with an index of 84 people died violently per 100,000 inhabitants, even without the existence of a civil war or neighboring countries, there are no tribal disputes or social movement backlash on claims of territories. The country is marked by high inequality, impunity, corruption and the rise of criminal gangs linked to kidnapping, extortion, human trafficking in their emigration to the United States of America and of course, being in the center of the continent, with costs to the two ocean, drug traffic. This is a country where poverty levels are coming to extremes. This study is aimed at assessing the progress of an environment conducive to development and activities of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) as performed in a country with many contrasts, complex social relationships and experiencing its worst economic crisis, social and politics."

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