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Strengthening CSO Contributions to Development Effectiveness: A Synthesis of Evidence of CSO Initiatives since Busan

Brian Tomlinson;


"This casebook brings together case stories documenting a global CSO commitment to improving their effectiveness, contributed by 19 CSOs from different countries and sectoral experiences. It should be read as a snapshot of different CSO initiatives, and by no means an exhaustive review of evidence, particularly at the organizational level. The cases come from both national CSO coordinating platforms and sectoral CSOs. This chapter is a synthesis that highlights some of the successes and strategies to date in addressing CSO practices, consistent with the Istanbul Principles. But it also points to the challenges and gaps CSO face in improving these practices. These cases must also be read within a broader context for many CSOs in an increasing number of countries, where evidence points to a persistent narrowing of the legal, regulatory and policy space for CSOs."

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Alternate Titles

CPDE Synthesis of Evidence on CSO DE Implementation: