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International Agreements

Siem Reap CSO Concensus on International Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness

Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness:


In September 2010, more than 170 CSO representatives from 82 countries gathered in Istanbul, Turkey, to consider and unanimously adopt the Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness. The eight Istanbul Principles take into account the diversity of CSO visions, mandates, approaches, relationships and impacts in their development actions. Given the diversity and geographic spread of CSOs, the Istanbul Principles must be applied in meaningful but distinct ways that are appropriate to each CSO local context or sector. This document, adopted in June 2011 by the Second Global Assembly of the Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness in Siem Reap, Cambodia, sets out the guidance for interpreting and aligning CSO practices with the Istanbul Principles in diverse local and sectoral settings.

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